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Juju Child 2006 in Review

Posted by Juju Child on 19th December 2006 in Concert

When I look back at the past year, I can only feel relief. Relief at the completion of the new CD “Virtual Reality”, the film “Roots and Soul”, solidifing a geat band, making lots friends and exciting a lot of “playerhaters”. This year, has been for Juju Child and The Hypnotic Roots Band featuring; Romain Dru, Gulliver Alwood, Fabian Saussay, Ester Wilson, Claude Imbault, J.P. Oneil, Roby Edwards, Gilles Fayzant, and Moussa Cissoko, a very busy and creative year. New babies came into the families of several players in the band and we welcomed all the love they brought. Given all the unexpected events that occured, I can say that we were successful at taking good care of the families as well as the music. I hope this will be a good way to continue. I would like to thank Christine of KriKriBlues for all the care in….. making sure everyone was, where they were supposed to be, when they were supposed to be there…We did some great shows(concert,tv/radio), played some great new music, and jammed with other touring blues/jazz and hip-hop artist from all over the world. Paris has been great for that. But now it’s time to go on the road and share with the public these last months of creativity. Being Roots and living Roots gives us the advantage of overcoming many of the daily challenges facing live music in these times. The Juju Child metaphysical style travels from New Orleans/Mississippi in the roots tradition…. to the urban/cosmopolitian and critical sensibilities of Paris. The center of European culture. And I must say they know how to love (when they want to). Today the music of Blues and Soul is modifying and transforming into an even more powerful and emotional struggle against mental slavery. We welcome you on this voyage and look into the eyes of the new year. May it be as complete as the one before….Much Respect to ..EACH… AND..EVERY…ONE.. OF.. YOU..

Recording Virtual Reality on YouTube

Posted by Juju Child on 17th December 2006 in Concert